the types of Cholesterol

Various Types of Cholesterol

It used to be that if you had high cholesterol, you worked to bring it down and that was the end of it.   Many  people wish it still worked that way, but that’s not always the wisest thing to wish .  Research progress has   given a lot of knowledge we didn’t have before.  If the  point of health care  was to keep it nice and easy, yes, new complexities would be a problem.  However, the objective of health care is to save life, and  because of that  the truth is best even if it is rather complex.  So,  in order  to preserve your ldl cholesterol underneath control, you want to know about the variety of types of ldl cholesterol.

The  most important kind of cholesterol  you really need to watch is low density lipoprotein cholesterol.   LDL cholesterol  is known as the bad variety because it’s the one that  builds up  plaques in your bloodstream. Cholesterol can’t dissolve in blood on its own, it has to be  transported  by a protein basket or it will really mess up circulation.  Low density lipoprotein baskets are pretty big, which means that only a few of them can fit into a given area.  That’s why they’re called “low density”. However , you don’t desire to get rid of all LDL ldl cholesterol simply because it’s also employed for to fix or restore bodily tissue

The second kind of cholesterol that you’ll see come up on a cholesterol test is high density lipoprotein.  The protein basket that carries this cholesterol around is very small, which means that more of them can fit into the same space.  That’s where the “high density” designation comes from . HDL cholesterol is usually considered good because it’s going to liver to be cycled out of the system.  Too much HDL cholesterol is still bad because it means you had way too much in your system to begin with.  Put another way , you can only shed a hundred kilos if you have been severely obese to start with.

The  Last kind of cholesterol you need to watch for  is called very low density lipoprotein, which is also known as triglycerides.  This classification covers all the other kinds of fat you’ve got rushing around in your bloodstream. VLDL and triglycerides might be the worst of all because it might still get synthesized into regular cholesterol. If you’ve got high levels of triglycerides it usually means that you’ve got too much fat floating around in your body, which isn’t usually good for anything  unless you’re doing an inordinate amount of work or exercise . Taking into consideration how non-active our current lifestyle is, the odds aren’t excellent for any individual needing that variety of fat in their system.

All the different kinds of cholesterol add up to your total blood lipids level, which is also an important number to watch . However, as you can see , some kinds of cholesterol are better than others. Cholesterol as a whole is necessary to human life, but not in the amounts that most of us have .  As in so much concerning health, balance is the key to good health . Take management of your well being and get your cholesterol levels wherever they must be. Your heart will thank you for it.

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