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Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Solutions of Low Platelet Count

 What happens if you may have low platelet count? A human must have at least 150,000 to 400,000 platelet. There’s a risk factor if you could have low range of platelet count. Below are information and tips regarding platelet count.

There exists a variety of causes why a person may have low platelet count. One is the deficiency of iron that greatly causes the reduction of platelet count. Over fatigue and stress are other causes of it. It is not also helpful to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol-based drinks and eating unhealthy foods.

If there exists a very low number of platelet, an individual has a great risk to suffer from anemia, leukemia and autoimmune disorders. All of all of these are not great conditions to experience.

How could you determine if you’ve got low platelet count? There are a few things to name on how to know if you may have lower platelet count. There will be tiny bruise-like spots on the skin that appear on irregular basis. For ladies, those spots usually come out before the menstrual period starts. You can see those spots mostly on the shoulders and arms. In addition to that, there are also gums bleeding when brushing, blood in the urine or stool and feeling sick. If you encounter all these signs or symptoms, the best thing to do is to go to a doctor for advice and treatment.

You are able to prevent having low platelet count and avoid suffering from any of the mentioned disorders. Firstly, you’ll have to be diagnosed by taking a test. Once the result is positive, a physician is going to prescribe the best medications that can enhance your platelet count. You might be also advised to have some natural cure. All these include the habit to eat vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods. It also helps if you take some herbal supplements and herbal drinks. These must be applied to lessen the chance of having low percentage of platelets. Do not wait until you suffer from serious health problems.

Bear in mind that having a normal platelet count is beneficial to the health. Otherwise, it is easier for you to get low percentage or amount of platelet.

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