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Signs Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem that many suffer from unknowingly, therefore it is important to recognize the symptoms and risk factors for this disease. You should have your blood pressure checked regularly regardless if you have symptoms or not. It’s not hard to do this, but many people neglect it until they have serious problems. We have gathered some common signs of high blood pressure that you might show if you have hypertension.


It is worth checking your blood pressure, even though there could be causes for the nosebleeds that are not related to your blood pressure, such as a ruptured blood vessel. Really a nosebleed is only a concern if it happens regularly. High blood pressure nosebleeds have a tendency to occur more frequently in the elderly, however, anyone with sever hypertension can have this symptom. This can be a dangerous sign if high blood pressure is causing your nosebleeds, since it has to be pretty high and needs to be controlled.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is a symptom of high blood pressure that can be very serious because it could also be a sign of kidney issues or diabetes. Aside from getting your blood pressure checked on a regular basis, regular eye exams are also very important. Naturally, you want to be aware of any eye problems that you may have, but in some cases these exams can tell you about other health problems as well. If you have blurry vision you should have both your eyes and blood pressure checked as soon as possible. This is a symptom that absolutely should not be brushed off because it could be an indicator that your blood pressure has become dangerously high.

Malignant Hypertension

If high blood pressure is not controlled, it can lead to something called malignant hypertension, which is extremely high blood pressure. Slightly elevated blood pressure doesn’t always have noticeable symptoms but the symptoms of malignant hypertension can be incredibly extreme like dizziness, nausea, vomiting and eye pain. Sometimes you might even pass out. Malignant hypertension can sometimes pop up unexpectedly but it is more commonly caused by the failure to properly treat high blood pressure that is only a little bit high. You need to immediately seek help if you start to become symptomatic of malignant hypertension. In the end, high blood pressure is not an uncommon disease, however, you should be aware that you will not always show symptoms on the early stages of the disease. Regular check ups of your blood pressure are vital whether you show any symptoms of the disease or not, and it is even more vital if you have any of these risk factors or have a medical history of the disease. It is always better to be safe and get regular check-ups, whether you have the above mentioned symptoms of blood pressure or not.

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