Options abound for treating your high blood pressure, if you are diagnosed with it. It may be a simple fix like exercising or cutting junk food out of your diet or quitting smoking. If you need more than these, there are many uncommon remedies that available to help. What follows are some effective methods that can help you to reduce your blood pressure.

One herbal remedy for high blood pressure is hawthorn. Hawthorn berries, leaves and flowers are all used in various herbal medications that are good for the heart and can help lower your blood pressure too. Teas and supplements made from hawthorn berries can help people who suffer from irregular heartbeats or heart palpitations. To properly manage your blood pressure levels with hawthorn, make sure you talk to your doctor about proper dosages and forms. Hawthorn is a very helpful herb, as it widens the arteries and improves blood flow from the heart, which can be useful in lowering blood pressure as well as preventing heart disease.

Exercises that are designed to deepen your breathing and reduce stress, such as yoga or qi gong, may help you reduce your high blood pressure. Simply taking a meditation class, especially one that focuses on your breathing, or learning how to breathe properly from a teacher, DVD or online program can make a big difference, as the amount of oxygen you take in is important for your general health and for keeping your blood pressure and a healthy level. Yoga can teach you breathing techniques as well as more vigorous forms can help you loose weight. Techniques that teach you to breath and relax are what you need to focus on regardless of which way you choose.

The last tip we will discuss for lowering your blood pressure is garlic. While many people don’t like this option, the easiest and most direct way to eat garlic is by consuming whole cloves. Besides the bad breath, garlic also has a very strong taste. Luckily, there are supplements with garlic in them, that minimize the taste and breath issues while giving you the benefits of garlic. Even though there are few side effects from taking garlic, your doctor can tell you if it will counter any of your prescribed drugs, especially blood thinners. Nature has many natural remedies for high blood pressure exist and garlic is one of them.

In summary, it’s important that you regularly check your blood pressure and, if the number gets too high, call your doctor. The good news is that natural remedies and changes in your daily habits have been proven to effectively help you with your hypertension. This article has examined some of the proven ways of treating high blood pressure and, sometimes, combining a few of these methods with changes in diet and exercise can be quite effective in helping you with your problem.

Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, And High Blood Pressure: Can They Really be Prevented, Managed or Reversed?

By George Tohme

They are the biggest killers in America: Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. The most common causes of these deadly conditions are: Physical inactivity, fattening snacks and beverages, obesity, stress, and smoking. The shocking news is that these diseases are so easily preventable.

A frequent cause of blame is the unhealthy food choices people make regularly. It’s okay to splurge once in a while, but it is the habits you follow daily that will determine your overall health. Constantly consuming chips, bacon, cakes, sugary drinks, candy, sausage, and cigarettes will get you nothing but poor health, deadly diseases, and a ticket straight to heaven prematurely.

According to the CDC over 63% (that’s over 180 million) of the US population is overweight or obese and is physically inactive, resulting in tens of millions who have chronic deadly, but preventable, conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and pre-diabetes. Recently the CDC reported that more than 70% (over 1.7 million) of all causes of death in America are caused by only three preventable factors: obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and smoking. The very fact that these factors are easily preventable is heartbreaking.

One of the major contributors to poor health is the excessive consumption of cholesterol. The body produces over 85% of the cholesterol we need and the sugar stores in our liver and muscles remain saturated due to physical inactivity. Because we are largely a couch-potato society and the food we consume every day is loaded with animal-based fats, the extra fat gets dumped into our arteries, belly areas, and under the skin all over our bodies.

Another major contributor to deadly diseases, poor health, and premature aging and death is physical inactivity. Most of us sit throughout an entire workday then go home and sit in front of the TV for another 5 to 6 hours while consuming large fatty meals, snacks, and sugary or alcoholic beverages that are rich in saturated fats, salt, and sugar, all of which contribute to increased belly fat. Shockingly, belly fat is the most dangerous kind because it causes inflammation in the arteries contributing to plaque build up in the arteries and insulin resistance leading to heart attacks and diabetes.

Yet another common issue is that people are unaware of how unhealthy the foods they consume are. When people don’t read nutrition labels they tend to consume very dense food and sugary beverages that are nutrient deficient. These foods are readily available in fast food restaurants and vending machines and contain loads of sugar, fat, and unwanted calories. Sugary soft drinks (which alone contribute to over 33% of all US obesity), sugary lemonade, sweetened iced tea, smoothies, lattes, and frappucinos, which contain loads of sugar and fat that further contribute to the accumulation of belly fat, make you more of a magnet to all sorts of deadly, but preventable, diseases. One of the worst mistakes people make as well is skipping meals which makes the body more efficient at storing and gaining fat weight.

Fortunately there are important steps to help you make balanced food and activity choices and help you start a lifestyle makeover process which will be your shield against deadly diseases as you age gracefully:

• If you have any chronic disease(s) take your medications as prescribed.

• Eat 3 main balanced meals, reduce your portion sizes, and raise your fiber intake.

• Consume 2 fruit and nuts snacks between meals.

• Switch all sugary drinks to water or diet soft drinks. Sweeten all other hot or cold beverages with artificial sweeteners or sugar-free flavoring powders. Limit all non-water beverages to a couple a day.

• Increase your daily walking activity to over 10,000 steps a day by making more frequent trips at home, the office, while shopping, and anywhere else.

The good news is that diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases can be prevented, managed, and reversed with your own choices, actions and a lifestyle makeover. Now is the time to start putting these tips to good use and begin feeling better and living healthier right away!

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Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure Levels

The symptoms range greatly for the dangerous condition called high blood pressure, and can only be verified through a check of your blood pressure. There are certain factors that make it more likely for you to develop high blood pressure and there are many symptoms that can help you to diagnose that you have it. Consult your doctor for possible hypertension if notice any of the symptoms discussed in this article.

When you get diagnosed with high blood pressure you need to monitor it constantly even if you are taking medication for the problem and don’t have regular or specific symptoms. You can control your blood pressure through a variety of methods natural and medical and it will take some time to find the treatment that works best for you and your body. Therefore, once you know that you have this condition, you need to monitor it closely so that you can be sure that your chosen treatment methods keep working. If you are taking medication, your doctor might need to try a few different doses or try different types of meds to figure out the best way to effectively lower your blood pressure.

Blurred vision is a potentially serious symptom of high blood pressure, as it can mean that you have kidney problems or diabetes. Aside from checking your blood pressure, it is also important to check your eyes regularly too. Naturally it is important to be on the alert for eye and vision problems that you might be suffering from but sometimes an eye exam can let you know if there are other health problems too. If you have blurry vision you should have both your eyes and blood pressure checked as soon as possible. This is a symptom that you should not ignore because it could mean that your blood pressure is dangerously high.

Serious problems can develop from high blood pressure including heart attacks or other heart ailments. Shortness of breath or chest pains are both common symptoms of heart problems and require immediate medical attention.

For those who have breathing problems or find they run out of breath easily you may have a heart related disorder. Catching high blood pressure in its early stages is vital, since serious consequences can then be avoided. Catch heart disease early through the common warning sign of high blood pressure.

In general, high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most serious health problems because it can be hard to identify in the early stages. Of course, if you take the time to get your blood pressure checked, it’s very easy to find out if you have hypertension, but too many people neglect to do this. Whether or not you have the type of symptoms mentioned above, getting your blood pressure checked is a simple way to safeguard your health.

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