There are lots of remedies for high blood pressure and the one that works best in your body will be dependent upon a few different factors. It will depend on factors like the cause of your hypertension and whether or not you suffer from anything like kidney issues or diabetes (ask your doctor for a check up to make sure). The following remedies will be very useful in treating your high blood pressure. It’s important to address this issue or it can lead to serious health problems.

Exercise is a fantastic remedy for high blood pressure. Lots of people spend too much time being sedentary and this leads to lots of problems like obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Talk to your doctor before you begin an exercise routine and, if you haven’t worked out regularly before, it is important to start slowly. It’s possible to begin at any level, and you can begin with something as simple as taking daily walks. The type of exercise you do is less important than being consistent about it. Getting regular exercise is a great way to both lower your blood pressure and raise your health levels.

Another option for reducing your blood pressure is through practicing yoga, breathing exercises, qi gong or any exercise that is designed to reduce your stress. Simply taking a meditation class, especially one that focuses on your breathing, or learning how to breathe properly from a teacher, DVD or online program can make a big difference, as the amount of oxygen you take in is important for your general health and for keeping your blood pressure and a healthy level. An added bonus to learning proper breathing techniques is weight loss when you choose vigorous forms of yoga. Regardless of what you choose, any practice or exercise that is geared towards relaxation is helpful at lowering your blood pressure.

If you have very high blood pressure, or your hypertension is the result of another medical condition, you may need medication prescribed by your doctor. While in most cases you can lower blood pressure naturally, in cases where your blood pressure is at a dangerous level, it needs to be be treated promptly. Pregnant women who have high blood pressure or whose pressures raise too quickly should also seek medical attention. Blood pressure meds can help you get your blood pressure level to lower which will allow you to focus on caring for your blood pressure naturally to make sure that it doesn’t go back up again.

Sure your blood pressure might be difficult to lower but you won’t be able to do it at all if you don’t take the right advice. Usually it is only a matter of making small changes in key areas of life like eating right, being physically active and lowering your stress level. All of these tips can help you quite a lot to control your blood pressure but only if you make them into habits.

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Author: Rachel Willson

While there is no clear consensus on what the core causes of hypertension are, the medical community agrees on the mechanics of the disease. Often called the “Silent Killer” because it can cause a stroke or heart attack with no apparent symptoms, hypertension or high blood pressure has become a public health issue affecting one out of four adults.

And you know what? This killer is preventable and reversible.

Up until the late 90s Americans routinely turned to drugs to control the condition. However, drugs come with their own set of problems such as side effects and cost. A study performed in 1998 suggested that a diet rich in certain vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy products could prevent or reduce high blood pressure. This diet is known as Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension or DASH.

In one study in New York, a group of people with high blood pressure were placed on the DASH diet and told to do nothing else, like exercise, to try and lower their BP. In two weeks time virtually all of them had seen a reduction in blood pressure.

Here are some of the hero ingredients of that diet:

The Amazing Garlic

Not only useful for keeping vampires away, the garlic is a powerful vegetable with a one two punch. It acts as a vasodilator and can assist in opening the arteries which in turn reduces pressure. In addition it contains an antioxidant that attacks the free radicals that are destroying cells. Aside from hypertension, the garlic has been proven to help in the prevention of colon and stomach cancers as well.

Ironically, this powerful little fighter is the exception to the rule and is more potent as a supplement than it is raw or cooked.

The Top Banana

When there is an imbalance in our body between sodium and potassium the hypertension becomes more severe. Almost everyone knows that they should reduce their intake of sodium but this is a tricky thing.

Most people think that cutting salt intake means leaving the shaker on the table. However, all processed food and some “fresh” meat have sodium in them. The principal reason salt is added to processed food is to get a better flavor not because it is required by the actual processing. It shows up in food that we would not associate it with.

Can you imagine sitting down to your morning bowl of corn flakes and sprinkling a spoonful of salt on it? Of course not. But check out the ingredients on the cereal box and you’ll see that it contains 11% to 12% of your DRA for sodium per serving.

So it’s a tricky business controlling sodium but the bigger issue is the balance of sodium to potassium. If we don’t know how much sodium we are taking in, we can certainly add more potassium just by eating bananas. Three to six servings a day are recommended in the DASH.

If you’re not a banana fan, try watermelon, spinach, oranges or almonds; all good sources of potassium.

Fiberrific Fruits and Beans

Another typical shortage in the American diet is dietary fiber both soluble which helps blood pressure, and insoluble which helps in our digestive tract and can indirectly reduce strain on the vascular system. Fruits are super high in both types of fiber as well as legumes.

Go Fishing For Good Health

Probably the toughest part of the diet is the reduction of red meat and the increase of “oily” fish like salmon and mackerel. Tuna, probably the most popular, is unfortunately low on the fish oil that impacts cholesterol.

So diet can cure, or cause, hypertension.  Understand you don’t have to change everything at once. You can “evolve” this diet into your family’s meals a little at a time and still see the benefits.

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Signs and Symptoms of Hypertension And How to Discover Them

While high blood pressure is usually called the silent killer because it usually sneaks up on a person but that doesn’t mean that there are not warning signs that you should be watching your blood pressure. Of course, checking your blood pressure is easy enough to do and you should do it regularly even if you don’t have any symptoms. Here are a few of the main indicators and symptoms of high blood pressure.

While many associate frequent headaches with hypertension, there has not bee a proven connection and most cases of hypertension do not experience the headaches. Those with headaches accompanied by blurred vision, due to hypertension, may find that their blood pressure is dangerously high and damage has occurred to the eyes. However, those with hypertension are not more likely to have headaches. Many with high blood pressure never experience headaches. If you have frequent headaches, you should definitely see your doctor, however it is not a safe assumption that no headaches means your high blood pressure is fine.

The consequences of untreated high blood pressure can be high and include kidney disease and diabetes. In fact, some people who don’t get their blood pressure checked sometimes don’t experience symptoms until they have one of these serious conditions. In the end you may find that you show signs of kidney disease or diabetes, before you ever show signs of high blood pressure.

If you see blood in your urine or feel the frequent need to urinate you may have kidney problems. Sudden weight loss and being more thirsty than normal are both signs of diabetes. These are all symptoms that should be checked, as they can be serious, whether or not they are related to high blood pressure.

Anemia can also be a sign of high blood pressure. Anemia is a condition where your body isn’t producing enough healthy red blood cells. In some cases, a disorder of kidneys related to anemia, is brought on by high blood pressure. Shortness of breath, depression or unusual fatigue are all symptoms of anemia. This condition, if mild, can only be found through tests by a medical professional. This is one problem that can develop if you have high blood pressure, so if you have any symptoms that might indicate anemia you should see your doctor. It is highly unlikely that you will show symptoms in the early stage of this common problem of high blood pressure. Your medical history and any additional risk factors should be considered regardless if you show any symptoms or not. We have discussed many high blood pressure symptoms that may be present if you have this disease, however err on the side of caution and begin to check your blood pressure on a regular basis, regardless of symptoms or not.

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