sometimes natural heath care can help

Natural Health Helps when Medications Can’t

Most of us already understand that fighting a cold or flu is best done by drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of rest. You also want to get a lot of Vitamin C. Knowing those things is one thing but putting it into practice is quite another, especially when all you really want is relief from your cold symptoms. Wanting some quick relief is one of the reasons that so many people opt for medications instead of letting natural methods do their jobs. These medications can sooth cold and flu symptoms fairly quickly. The relief from these medications is usually temporary and can actually increase the length of your illness. Natural health methods, on the other hand, actually work against your cold so that you get over the cold faster. Also, you should seriously have a look at the Ninja Chopper, I love it. Read these Ninja 1100 reviews for more information, we love making healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies with it!

Start with water. You already know that you need to drink six to eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy but water can be used for more than simple refreshment. Instead of cracking open the Advil bottle when you have a headache, drink some water instead! A lot of people get headaches because they are not properly hydrated. A headache will often start to fade as soon as you drink some water. You can use water for more than keeping yourself properly hydrated. A natural way to break a fever is to have the person with the fever sit in a hot tub of water for a little while (while keeping a cool compress on his or her head). The heat helps you start sweating (to break your fever) and helps your muscles relax. Sweating is one of the ways your body regulates its temperature and reduces fevers.

Oranges and orange juice aren’t your only sources of vitamin C! A great source of Vitamin C is the leafy green vegetable you usually avoid. If you feel yourself starting to get sick, aim for the green and leafy as well as the orange and round. Other citrus fruits contain vitamin C as well, so change out your orange juice for some lemonade or limeade.

Another great source of vitamin C is the bell pepper, so why not chop or slice some up and add them to your meals? Adding bell peppers to your meals won’t just enhance the flavor of the food it gives you the nutrients you need to build a strong body that is able to fight off illness.

Many natural health enthusiasts swear by Echinacea. As soon as you start to feel a cold or flu hit you, take some Echinacea so that it will do its job. One or two supplements of Echinacea, when taken early on, could have the power to completely stop the cold from affecting you. If you’re already in the throes of a cold or the flu, taking some Echinacea can help the healing process along and lessen your symptoms. If you’re sick you should take around 1200mgs per day to get well. It’s as easy as taking 400mgs three times a day (trying to do more than that could be harmful). Getting well when you have the flu or a cold could be as simple as choosing the right natural health remedy. Don’t take a bunch of chemical based “cures” when there are better options available. While we would never advocate ignoring doctor’s orders, if you aren’t suffering from a major illness why not save yourself some time (and side effects) and treat your cold or flu naturally? 

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