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High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men – Discover the Signs You Need to Look Out For

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 at 5:15 pm  

High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men

Discover the Signs You Need to Look Out For

Be sure to have your doctor check your blood pressure on a regular basis, due to the fact that it is not always easy to recognize that you have high blood pressure. Often hypertension will become more serious because it goes untreated until it reaches dangerous levels. However, sometimes high blood pressure does have symptoms you can recognize, and we’ll be discussing some of these in this article.

Keep Monitoring it

When you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, it’s important to keep monitoring it, even if you are receiving medication for it and aren’t experiencing and particular symptoms. There are lots of ways to control high blood pressure: medication, lifestyle changes and natural remedies and it can take some time before you find the treatment that is best for you. Once you know you have this problem it is very important to check your blood pressure often and on a regular basis to make sure that the steps you take to cure it will be effective. People on medication, for example, sometimes have to go through a variety of doses and pharmaceuticals before they find the right cocktail that helps them lower their blood pressure. Another symptom of hypertension we will discuss is nausea and vomiting. These symptoms can, of course, be caused by lots of other problems as well, so they must be checked by a doctor. If your hypertension is severe you may begin to experience nausea and vomiting, if so seek immediate medical attention. If your blood pressure is just slightly above normal, while still serious, the chance that you will experience these symptoms are slim. When you research the symptoms of high blood pressure it’s important to realize that in the majority of cases you don’t see obvious symptoms until your blood pressure is extremely high.


Anemia can also be a sign of high blood pressure. Anemia is a condition where your body isn’t producing enough healthy red blood cells. Sometimes anemia will present itself through unusual fatigue, depression or even breathing problems. Yet if you have mild anemia, there may not be any symptoms, and only medical tests can verify if you have this condition. Since these symptoms can present themselves through high blood pressure, anemia or both, be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

In general, high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most serious health problems because it can be hard to identify in the early stages. Of course, if you take the time to get your blood pressure checked, it’s very easy to find out if you have hypertension, but too many people neglect to do this. Whether or not you have the type of symptoms mentioned above, getting your blood pressure checked is a simple way to safeguard your health.

Ways you can identify what is causing your high blood pressure

Lots of people have high blood pressure, which is also called hypertension, and while there are many causes and risk factors, the only way to be sure if you have this condition is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Health experts have not found one single cause of high blood pressure but several factors can contribute to it. The following are some factors that can lead to high blood pressure.


Many women have high blood pressure while pregnant but this is usually not severe although it does need to be treated with medication in some cases. A sudden rise in blood pressure to extreme levels during pregnancy, called pre-eclampsia, can be dangerous for both mother and baby. This can happen to women with no history of hypertension but women who had high blood pressure before becoming pregnant are at a greater risk. This is why monitoring blood pressure is so important during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there are many instances when the cause of high blood pressure cannot be identified. Doctors diagnose most cases of high blood pressure as essential hypertension, meaning there is not a specific cause that is known.

While no one specific cause can be found when it comes to essential hypertension, there are many risk factors that can make this problem more likely. Getting regular checkups where your blood pressure is read is the only reliable way to know if you have hypertension. Whether or not the cause of hypertension can be pinpointed, there are ways to treat and manage it.


High blood pressure can be caused by taking certain medicines or drugs. Users of street drugs such as crack and amphetamines often have high blood pressure. Yet you can also have your blood pressure raised by taking certain prescription drugs, such as birth control pills and many others. drugs can also cause hypertension, especially when taken regularly. That’s why it’s important to read the warning labels on all medication, especially if you have other risk factors for hypertension. If you suspect any medicine you are taking is causing a rise in your blood pressure, be sure to mention this to your doctor.

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you should work with your doctor to find out which of the many causes may have led to you developing this condition. Knowing what caused your blood pressure can be a key in figuring out how to control or even reverse it. There are many more causes of high blood pressure than what is mentioned here so even if some of these do apply to you, you should still examine your lifestyle and your medical history.

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