High Blood Pressure Symptoms: When the Silent Killer (Hypertension) Speaks Loud

This can be difficult to answer since lots of time there aren’t any early warning signs. This is just one reason that it is important to have your blood pressure checked regularly, especially if you have passed the age of forty. However, in some cases high blood pressure does have symptoms or warning signs, such as the ones we’ll be discussing below. The treatment for your case of high blood pressure will be based on your medical history as well as the severity of your symptoms.

For those who suffer from frequent headaches, you may have been told that this comes from your hypertension, however many cases never experience headaches. People with extremely high blood pressure are likely to have headaches that are accompanied by blurred vision, but this is when the problem has reached a dangerous point and there is damage to the eyes. Scientifically there is no link between headaches and high blood pressure. On average though, it is less likely for someone with hypertension to suffer from headaches. It is not a safe assumption that if you are not experiencing headaches you do not have hypertension and if you do have frequent headaches you should visit your doctor.

Regardless if you have other obvious symptoms or not, leading a stressful life or allowing yourself to get easily angered or frustrated could put you at greater risk for high blood pressure. High blood pressure as well as heart disease is often found in those who have Type A personalities. One of the early signs of high blood pressure can be deduced to be stress. Even if your job or lifestyle tends to be stressful, there are ways to control this and learn how to relax. Prevent your blood pressure from rising this way.

High blood pressures most serious problems involve heart related ailments or it can lead to a heart attack. Shortness of breath or chest pains are both common symptoms of heart problems and require immediate medical attention.

Disorders related to the heart often show themselves through breathing problems. Early stages of high blood pressure are treatable so that you can avoid these serious consequences. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world today, and high blood pressure is one of the warning signs.

If you have high blood pressure you might start to notice signs that your numbers have reached terrible levels. You are in a far better position to control your problem if you find out about it before it reaches life threatening levels. If any of the signs that we talked about in this article start to appear for you, consult your physician because you might need medication or, more likely, your doctor will teach you how to treat the hypertension naturally. What is most important is that you take this problem seriously and that you make all of the changes you need to make to keep it under control.

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