High Blood Pressure Symptoms In Women

It’s important to know about the risk factors and high blood pressure symptoms in women, as so many women have this problem and don’t even know about it. Whether you have any symptoms or not, it’s a good idea to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis. It’s not hard to do this, but many women neglect it until they have serious problems. Those with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, may experience one or many of these symptoms.

Overweight Women

One of the major leading causes of high blood pressure in women is being overweight. Many developed countries have seen a rise in both obesity and high blood pressure symptoms in women. High blood pressure for an overweight person can be a warning sign to other health problems too. Lowering your blood pressure can usually be done simply by making some lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise habits. There are however some people who will notice that they are predisposed due to a family history. If for example your parents, one or both, have hypertension you need to watch out for it. You need to know if your family has a history of diabetes and heart disease as well. Controlling your blood pressure is often as easy as making some lifestyle changes. Our biggest point is that your genetic disposition can play a role so it is in fact important to pay attention.


Even though you should have your blood pressure checked if you have this symptom, there are those with problems unrelated to their blood pressure that causes frequent nose bleeds. You should only be concerned if your nose bleeds on a regular occurrence, since most anyone can occasionally have a nosebleed. While anyone with hypertension can suffer from frequent nosebleeds, most commonly it occurs in those who are elderly. This can be one of the dangerous high blood pressure symptoms in women and needs to be controlled.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is one of the very serious high blood pressure symptoms in women because it might indicate that you are suffering from kidney problems as well as diabetes. Aside from getting your blood pressure checked on a regular basis, regular eye exams are also very important. Obviously you need to be aware of any eye issues you might be having but sometimes these exams can alert you to other health problems too. If you have blurry vision you should have both your eyes and blood pressure checked as soon as possible. This is a symptom that you should not ignore because it could mean that your blood pressure is dangerously high.


Another example of high blood pressure symtoms in women is anemia. When your body isn’t producing enough healthy red blood cells you have anemia. Shortness of breath, depression or unusual fatigue are all symptoms of anemia. If you have mild anemia though, you will have to have medical tests completed to find out if you do. Since these high blood pressure symptoms in women can present themselves through hypertension, anemia or both, be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

A Few of The Effective Remedies for High Blood Pressure

If you have any of the high blood pressure symptoms in women, you should be concerned, but you should also realize that there are many remedies and treatments that can help you control it. It may be a simple fix like exercising or cutting junk food out of your diet or quitting smoking. However, there are also remedies available that are not as well known. These high blood pressure symptoms in women can be managed if you try some of these following methods.

Exercise Program

Exercise is a fantastic remedy for high blood pressure. Plenty of people spend lots of time sitting around and this can lead to lots of problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, and you can start off slowly, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time. It’s possible for you to start at whatever level is natural to you, even something as simple as going for a daily walk. The kind of exercise you do is not as important as how consistently you do it. If you want to naturally lower your blood pressure and raise your overall health level, regular exercise is one way to do that.

Qi Gong

Exercises that are designed to deepen your breathing and reduce stress, such as yoga or qi gong, may help you reduce your high blood pressure. Simply taking a meditation class, especially one that focuses on your breathing, or learning how to breathe properly from a teacher, DVD or online program can make a big difference, as the amount of oxygen you take in is important for your general health and for keeping your blood pressure and a healthy level. An added bonus to learning proper breathing techniques is weight loss when you choose vigorous forms of yoga. Be sure that any thing you choose helps you to lower your blood pressure by teaching you breathing or relaxation techniques.


Resveratrol is a treatment for high blood pressure that has become very popular in recent years. You can find this in wine, grapes and blueberries. There are some researchers who believe that drinking a single glass of wine each day can be good for your health but you need to understand that any benefits you get from alcohol are gotten from small amounts of it because drinking mass quantities of alcohol can actually raise your blood pressure and cause a bunch of other terrible problems like liver damage. Also, some people are predisposed to alcoholism and should avoid even small quantities for that reason. You shouldn’t have any problems finding resveratrol supplements and it’s likely that these supplements are actually the easiest way for you to get the nutrient you need. Resveratrol can be one of the methods you use to fight your high blood pressure.

High blood pressure symptoms in women, no matter what the cause, are potentially deadly warning signs that must be monitored. As long as you watch your blood pressure and listen to your doctor’s recommendations, you should be able to keep it under control. The above causes of high blood pressure are only some of the factors that can be responsible for this condition. There is no reason you can’t lower your blood pressure, you just have to be willing to do whatever is necessary when it comes to making beneficial changes in your life.

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