High Blood Pressure Symptoms During Pregnancy

High blood pressure symptoms during pregnancy are various and it can only be verified through a check of your blood pressure. There are however certain symptoms that make it more recognizable, as well as certain factors that can contribute to the disease. Multiple symptoms are discussed in this article and should be discussed with your doctor if any of them exist in your life.


You might find out from your doctor that you have a condition called prehypertension which doesn’t typically present any big symptoms. This pretty much means that your blood pressure is just a little bit higher than it usually is but it isn’t high enough to be called hypertension. While no one likes to hear bad news from the doctor, this can actually be considered good news, because if you are diagnosed with prehypertension, you are still able to do something about it before it becomes more serious. Your physician will probably recommend medicine or lifestyle changes and there are quite a few different natural methods that you can use to reduce your blood pressure before you begin to show more symptoms.

Stressful Lifestyle

A stressful lifestyle could mean that you are at risk for high blood pressure, and equally at risk if you are easily angered or frustrated, even without other symptoms. Even more so, those with Type A personalities on average have high blood pressure and heart disease. One of the early signs of high blood pressure can be deduced to be stress. Regardless of your stress level in your job or lifestyle, you can still learn to relax and control your stress. Your blood pressure is less likely to go up if you can implement these techniques into your life.


One possible symptom of high blood pressure is if your ears are ringing (tinnitus). There are lots of things that can cause tinnitus that are not high blood pressure and it can come in lots of different forms. Persistent cases of tinnitus should be evaluated by medical professionals as, while being an indicator of high blood pressure, it is also an indicator of other symptoms. Lots of times tinnitus is not related to any blatant medical issue and there are lots of ways to deal with its symptoms and it can be really annoying. It is vital to make sure that your tinnitus is not caused by high blood pressure because this needs to be controlled as soon as you can. In today’s world high blood pressure is a common problem, and you may or may not show symptoms of the disease, especially in the early stages. Regardless if you show signs or symptoms you should check your blood pressure on a regular basis, and it is more important for you to do so if you have a medical history of the disease or and of these risk factors. It is always better to be safe and get regular check-ups, whether you have the above mentioned symptoms of blood pressure or not.

Things To Know About High Blood Pressure

Having your blood pressure checked on a regular basis is the only way to know if you suffer from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, which has many causes and risk factors. Health experts have not identified one single cause of high blood pressure, but a variety of factors can make it more likely. The following are some factors that can lead to high blood pressure.

Adrenal and thyroid conditions

Adrenal and thyroid conditions that go untreated can contribute to high blood pressure. Hypertension can be caused as a result of a faulty thyroid or condition referred to as hypothyroidism wherein the thyroid isn’t producing the right amount of hormones. Problems with the adrenal gland can also cause hypertension. Fatigue, weight gain and joint pain are only a few of the symptoms of adrenal or thyroid issues. People don’t often realize they have these conditions for a large amount of time due to the fact that they can only be detected with medical tests. Taking a prescription medication regularly will reduce the symptoms.

Alcoholic Beverages

One habit that can contribute to high blood pressure is drinking more than two alcoholic beverages per day. Some people are confused because there is evidence that light drinkers are actually healthier than people who don’t drink at all, and it’s true that small amounts of alcohol may actually reduce your blood pressure. Yet evidence also shows that heavy drinking, of more than two glasses of an alcoholic beverage every day, has more negative than positive effects on your blood pressure and overall health. And quite a few people are unable to drink in moderation. To control your blood pressure, then, the ideal is to consume small amounts of alcohol, but it’s better not to drink at all than to drink too much.

Couch Potatoes

Don’t be a couch potato. Many experts believe that high blood pressure is so common today because many people spend too much time sitting at desks all day and not getting enough exercise. You can help get that pressure down by simply getting a moderate amount of exercise every day. Young people today are at greater risk of high blood pressure and hypertension because of their lack of activity. With a bit of effort this cause of high blood pressure can be avoided or reversed. It’s important that you know the above causes of high blood pressure to help you avoid this diagnosis or help treat it if you have already been diagnosed. Get regular checkups if you have a family history or any of the above risk factors for high blood pressure.

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