Symptoms Are Not Always Visible for high blood pressure please check

High Blood Pressure Symptoms Are Not Always Visible

The causes of high blood pressure are not always easy to identify since there are many different elements that contribute to it and it’s not always possible to distinguish the cause. You’ll want to get diagnosed early to avoid other complications. Knowing the causes can help you avoid them.


One such cause is being overweight. Many developed countries have seen a rise in both obesity and high blood pressure. The early warning signs of other health problems including high blood pressure are warning signs. A healthier diet and more exercise are a fairly simple way to treat these conditions and prevent them.

Long Term Illness

Certain long term illnesses can raise your risk of developing high blood pressure. Kidney disease, especially in older people, is a common cause of high blood pressure. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes damage the kidneys which can also lead to high blood pressure. If kidney disease or diabetes run in your family, than you are at a greater risk for developing these conditions. Your doctor will want to monitor your blood pressure if you are ever diagnosed with either diabetes or any kind of kidney disease and may even prescribe medication to help manage it.

Street Drugs

High blood pressure can be caused by taking certain medicines or drugs. Users of street drugs such as crack and amphetamines often have high blood pressure. Many drugs that are prescribed, such as for depression or birth control, can also cause hypertension. Some people even have their blood pressure elevated by taking various OTC substances, including nasal decongestants. If your blood pressure is high, make sure you pay attention to any medications you take, even over the counter ones. Always ask your doctor if any medication he or she has prescribed may cause high blood pressure.


It can be helpful to understand the causes of high blood pressure, but even when you can’t identify these, you can still take steps to reduce it. The main reason people’s blood pressure gets out of control is because they don’t monitor it, or don’t listen to their doctors. We’ve looked at just a few of the possible risk factors for high blood pressure. When you know you have high blood pressure, there are many methods to reduce it, but you have to be willing to make some changes.

What are the most common symptoms of high blood pressure?

This is a hard question because usually it doesn’t have warning symptoms. That’s why doctors recommend that you get your blood pressure checked often, especially if you’re over forty. Unfortunately, most of the time, high blood pressure doesn’t have any warning signs or major symptoms like the ones we will talk about in this article. The chosen treatment for your high blood pressure will depend mostly upon the severity of the illness but it also depends on your entire medical history as well.


For those who suffer from frequent headaches, you may have been told that this comes from your hypertension, however many cases never experience headaches. When your blood pressure reaches dangerously high levels, there is the possibility that your eyes become damaged causing your vision to be blurred when you experience headaches. However, those with hypertension are not more likely to have headaches. On average though, it is less likely for someone with hypertension to suffer from headaches. Of course, if you have headaches very often, that’s a good reason to visit the doctor, but it’s important to realize that not having headaches doesn’t necessarily mean your blood pressure is normal.


Kidney disease and diabetes are another serious consequence of untreated high blood pressure. You are in fact more likely to develop these serious conditions if you wait until symptoms surface to check your blood pressure. You may find then that the first symptoms you show of high blood pressure are the same signs showing that you have kidney disease or diabetes.

Kidney Problems

If you see blood in your urine or feel the frequent need to urinate you may have kidney problems. Sudden weight loss and being more thirsty than normal are both signs of diabetes. High blood pressure or not you should have any of these serious symptoms checked into.

Malignant Hypertension

If you don’t take care of your high blood pressure, it could turn into another condition called extremely high blood pressure, or malignant hypertension. Slightly elevated blood pressure doesn’t always have noticeable symptoms but the symptoms of malignant hypertension can be incredibly extreme like dizziness, nausea, vomiting and eye pain. In some cases, you may even lose consciousness. Sometimes you can get malignant hypertension out of nowhere but usually you get malignant hypertension because, after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, you didn’t take the right steps to make sure it didn’t continue rising. If you have symptoms of malignant hypertension, prompt medical attention is needed.

Get it Checked Now

A serious health condition. blood pressure or hypertension, is also hard to identify in its early stages. Of course, if you take the time to get your blood pressure checked, it’s very easy to find out if you have hypertension, but too many people neglect to do this. Whether or not you have the type of symptoms mentioned above, getting your blood pressure checked is a simple way to safeguard your health.

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