Over the last few years more and more people have had to deal with high blood pressure issues. People are working out less and eating more processed and junk foods which, in addition to being hurtful to your body mass index, can also lead to high blood pressure. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension (also called high blood pressure) there are things you can do to get it under control and we will talk about them in this article.

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CoQ10, or co-enzyme Q10, has proven itself to be effective as a high blood pressure remedy. The best thing about this remedy is it already exists in your body. Those who study age related illness like Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure have found a link between these and the fact that as you age the levels of CoQ10 begin to decline in your body. Taking CoQ10 as a supplement has been shown to help lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health. Whatever form you would like to take this supplement in, it is likely available, since it comes in capsules, tablets, liquids and varying strengths levels. Keep in mind that supplements only work if absorbed into the body, so be sure to get them from a trusted source. Effectively lowering your blood pressure can also be helped along by learning relaxation and stress reduction techniques. Many studies have shown a correlation between stress, including negative emotions like anger and anxiety, and high blood pressure. Your habits could positively or negatively affective your stress levels, requiring a change to deal with your stress levels. Not getting enough sleep can lead to increased stress which in turn leads to health problems including high blood pressure. Leisure activities are important as well as time for relaxation, those who are workaholics will need to schedule this time in. If you can’t control something, like traffic, politics or even other people, then it is a good idea not to let it get to you. Lower blood pressure can be helped by decreased stress levels.

If you have really high blood pressure, or if your high blood pressure is caused by some other medical condition then you might need doctor prescribed medication. Most of the time you are able to lower your blood pressure with natural remedies but if it is at a dangerous level, your doctor should treat it right away. Another case where medical attention is needed is women whose blood pressure rapidly increases during pregnancy. Blood pressure medicine can lower your pressure back down to a manageable level which will help you treat it naturally over time to make sure you don’t risk your health again. There are many remedies available for your high blood pressure, the ones that work for you will need to be tailored to your situation. You may find that you need to work on the fact that you are a tense person, as well as taking remedies or medication. In the end, we hope that one of these remedies proves to be effective in your fight against high blood pressure. Controlling high blood pressure is possible.

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies – As Simple As Mowing The Lawn?

Author: Rachel Willson

High blood pressure natural remedies can be as simple as just doing your chores.  You probably already know that you are going to have to change your life style but you probably didn’t know that it doesn’t have to be as daunting as most imagine.  If you are looking for simple everyday natural remedies for high blood pressure you really don’t have to look much your dusty car and your dirty windows.

Exercise is the fastest way to lower blood pressure.  Now when you think of exercise you’re probably thinking sweat suits, smelly sneakers and a lot of work right?  Well according to a University of Indiana study, simply staying active around the house can lower systolic pressure by up to 13 points.

Where would that put your blood pressure reading?

The idea is to burn 150 calories daily. Washing your car yourself rather than paying the car wash, firing the kid who does your lawn and mowing the grass yourself, daily vacuuming and even doing the dishes all count towards that 150 calorie goal and a lower blood pressure.  The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes a day of mild aerobic exercise but what most people don’t understand is that lower pressure benefit can be obtained even if the 30 minutes is not done all at the same time.

What that means is that household chores, walking to a lunch spot, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, all contribute to that 30 minute goal.  Now there are obvious advantages to doing the 30 minutes all at the same time and the biggest is weight loss.  In order to burn fat the “furnace” has to be primed by burning the fat that is already in the blood stream before you tap into stored fat.  A brisk walk for 15 minutes will burn existing fat and then start drawing on that extra stuff you carry around for the balance of the walk.

Aerobic exercise, and face it that’s what washing and waxing your car is, not only strengthens the heart muscle but it also improves the elasticity of your blood vessels.  Both of these are vital to lowering pressure.  And now you know it doesn’t have to be a big deal.  You don’t have to join a gym, you don’t have to kill your knees jogging, you simply have to get off your duff and do your chores.

The two reasons that most Americans run the risk of experiencing some really nasty side effects that are associated with blood pressure medication are ignorance and convenience.  Ignorance in the sense they don’t question their doctor when they prescribe medication, you should always ask if there is an alternative; and convenience in that it’s easier to pop a pill than to live healthier.

If you’ve decided to take responsibility for your own health good for you.  With a little research you’ll find that it really isn’t all that difficult and it is certainly cheaper to practice high blood pressure natural remedies.

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Knowing Your Signs of High Blood Pressure

Which signs of high blood pressure occur most often? This can be hard to pin down because, often, there aren’t any real early symptoms of this problem. This is just one of the reasons that you need to check your blood pressure often, especially for people who are older than forty years old. Typically, in these kind of illnesses, however, there aren’t any warning signals or blatant symptoms like the ones that will be outlined below. The chosen treatment for your high blood pressure will depend mostly upon the severity of the illness but it also depends on your entire medical history as well.

If you have frequent nosebleeds, this may be a symptom of high blood pressure.

While you could have a ruptured blood vessel or other issues not related to your blood pressure, it is still a good thing to check. Since nosebleeds are common for everyone, you should only be concerned if it happens on a regular basis. Nosebleeds related to high blood pressure are more common in elderly patients, but they can happen to anyone with severe hypertension. If you find your nosebleeds are caused by high blood pressure, than you should get it under control, since this is a dangerous sign of your blood pressure being extremely high. Many people go through high blood pressure symptoms even if they don’t actually suffer from hypertension. This is because your blood pressure changes constantly depending on how active you are and your emotional levels. That’s why you can’t determine if you have high blood pressure from a single reading. Avoid caffeine for at least an hour and rest for at least a few minutes before you take your levels if you want to monitor your blood pressure by yourself. Even if a doctor takes your blood pressure, he or she has to do several readings to get an accurate assessment. In short, having healthy blood pressure means that your reading is within normal levels on average, but no one’s blood pressure remains at a constant level.

If high blood pressure doesn’t get treated, it can turn into malignant hypertension, or ‘extremely high blood pressure’. Regular high blood pressure doesn’t always come with recognizable symptoms but malignant hypertension can cause you to throw up, feel nauseated, get dizzy or even experience pain around your eyes. Sometimes you could even lose consciousness. Sometimes you can get malignant hypertension out of nowhere but usually you get malignant hypertension because, after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, you didn’t take the right steps to make sure it didn’t continue rising. If you notice symptoms of malignant hypertension, seek help right away. High blood pressure can have lots of symptoms but most people don’t know it is happening until they go in for a checkup. You can get your blood pressure checked in lots of pharmacies but if you want an accurate reading you’ll want to have it checked a few times. If you start to notice signs of high blood pressure (especially those we talk about here) or if you know you are at risk for this condition, keep in regular contact with your doctor and have your pressure checked often.

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