High Blood Pressure Known as Hypertension is Very Sneaky

While we can identify a variety of factors that cause high blood pressure it’s more important to catch and treat as quickly as possible in order to avoid any serious side effects. It’s easy to get your blood pressure checked, and you can even buy kits to check it yourself at home (though the cheaper units are not considered very accurate). Common causes of high blood pressure will be discussed here in this article although they are not the only ones.

Being Overweight

Being overweight or obese is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure, especially in modern times. Many developed countries have seen a rise in both obesity and high blood pressure. The early warning signs of other health problems including high blood pressure are warning signs. One way to reduce risk is to start an exercise regimen and change your diet.

Essential Hypertension

High blood pressure is actually a condition that is often caused by unknown factors. High blood pressure with no known cause is called essential hypertension, and the majority of cases actually fit into this category.

While no one specific cause can be found when it comes to essential hypertension, there are many risk factors that can make this problem more likely. Getting regular checkups where your blood pressure is read is the only reliable way to know if you have hypertension. Regardless of whether or not you can figure out the cause of high blood pressure, you can take measures to lower it to a healthy level.

Apnea in Sleep

Sleep apnea is not a well known cause of high blood pressure. This disorder is when a person stops breathing at frequent intervals during the night. People with sleep apnea often snore as well which is a symptom of obstructed breathing while asleep. Because you do not get restful sleep if you suffer from sleep apnea, you will tend to feel tired throughout the day. Doing a sleep study at a sleep disorder center is the only way to diagnose this condition that mainly affects those that smoke and who are overweight. Chronic sleep apnea can contribute to high blood pressure, as well as heart disease, so it’s important to find out if you have this problem. Finally, it will be helpful to use the information above in your battle against high blood pressure. If you think you might be a victim of high blood pressure consult with your doctor regularly.

High Blood Pressure Can Be Managed With These Three Proven Methods

While it is important to diagnose your high blood pressure as early as you can, it is even more important that you do everything you can to control it. When hypertension does not get treated properly it can quickly advance to worse conditions like heart disease. There are quite a few different methods for treating high blood pressure and we will talk about a few of them right now. It is vital that you talk to your doctor if you have high blood pressure or suspect that you have any other risky medical condition.

Co-enzyme Q10

The first option we will discuss for lowering your blood pressure is the proven co-enzyme Q10, or CoQ10. This is not something that will be foreign to your body, since it is a naturally occurring compound. Over time, however, the natural levels of CoQ10 in your body decline, which helps to explain some age related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure. Evidence has been found that actually links taking CoQ10 as a supplement to improved health and lower blood pressure. You can choose to take this supplement in different strengths and different forms. However, be sure that you get your supplements from a trusted source, due to the fact that they only work properly if the body absorbs them.

Quit Smoking

One of the very best ways to lower your blood pressure is to stop smoking. There are lots of risks associated with smoking the most famous being lung cancer (and other lung related issues). Not only does smoking cause blockages and the hardening of your arteries, it also raises your blood pressure. It is never too late to quit smoking (this has been proven) and you will start to see an improvement as soon as you quit. It isn’t easy to quit smoking, especially if you have been doing it for a long time but it is worth it if it lowers your blood pressure and increases your overall health.

Watch Your Diet

You can lower your blood pressure by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. While we’ve been given this advice for some time now, many people still don’t follow it, and eat mainly meat, carbohydrates and sweets. Mangoes, pomegranates, currants, blueberries, celery, asparagus, cabbage and other fruits and leafy vegetables can all be used to get lots of nutrients and treat your high blood pressure. You could also work in “superfruits” like noni, goji, acai and mangosteen.


In addition to this, be sure to get lots of water. These foods will help you feel better and you won’t be as hungry for junk food. Water, fruit and vegetables can all help you reduce your high blood pressure.

Seek Medical Advice

To sum up, it is always a good idea to regularly check your blood pressure and to seek medical advice if it is too high. However, lots of times, hypertension can be effectively remedied through the use of natural products and changes in your daily habits. We have taken a look at some of the ways you can treat high blood pressure and sometimes you can combine a few different remedies along with changing your workout routine and eating habits.

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