High Blood Pressure Causes You Need to Know

You must get it treated as soon as possible in order to avoid serious illness from lack of treatment. You can check your own blood pressure at home with a kit or about anywhere else you might go including the grocery store. We will discuss the most common causes in this article.

Being Overweight

One of the major leading causes of high blood pressure in men and women is being overweight. In developed countries, we have seen a rise in both high blood pressure and the number of people who are overweight, and this is a serious issue. High blood pressure for an overweight person can be a warning sign to other health problems too. You can often lower your blood pressure simply by changing your lifestyle, diet and exercise. Some people have a family history of high blood pressure and are more likely than average to develop this condition. It’s especially important for you to be aware of the risks for high blood pressure if one or both of your parents suffered with high blood pressure. You’ll also want to note any signs of kidney or diabetes issues in your family too. Of course, when it comes to controlling your blood pressure, lifestyle factors play a large part, so you don’t necessarily have to develop the same health problems as your parents have. The idea here is that while genetics may play a role in high blood pressure it’s a good idea to pay close attention to your disposition to it.


High blood pressure can be caused by taking certain medicines or drugs. Stimulants of any kind, such as cocaine, are known to be dangerous to your blood pressure and heart. Yet you can also have your blood pressure raised by taking certain prescription drugs, such as birth control pills and many others. Even over the counter medications such as nasal decongestants and appetite suppressants can sometimes have this effect. If your blood pressure is high, make sure you pay attention to any medications you take, even over the counter ones. If you suspect any medicine you are taking is causing a rise in your blood pressure, be sure to mention this to your doctor.

Diet and Genetics

People who have high blood pressure must look at how they eat, their way of life as well as genetics. High blood pressure can be managed, so talk to your doctor and make any recommended changes in your lifestyle. The above are some typical causes of high blood pressure, so if any of these apply to you it’s a good idea to have your blood pressure checked. Fortunately, you can always make healthy changes that will lower your blood pressure, no matter what the cause.

3 High Blood Pressure Symptoms to Watch Out For

Be sure to have your doctor check your blood pressure on a regular basis, due to the fact that it is not always easy to recognize that you have high blood pressure. In many cases, there are no warnings signs of hypertension until it has reached a dangerous level, and untreated it can be a serious problem. However, sometimes high blood pressure does have symptoms you can recognize, and we’ll be discussing some of these in this article.


Do you suffer from nosebleeds more often than the average person, then you may find you have high blood pressure.

While you could have a ruptured blood vessel or other issues not related to your blood pressure, it is still a good thing to check. Really a nosebleed is only a concern if it happens regularly. Elderly patients are the most likely to have nosebleeds related to high blood pressure, however anyone with hypertension can have them. If you find your nosebleeds are caused by high blood pressure, than you should get it under control, since this is a dangerous sign of your blood pressure being extremely high.


You may not show any other symptoms, the simple fact that you have a stressful life and find yourself easily angered and frustrated means you are at risk for high blood pressure. It has been found that people who fit the Type A personality profile are more likely than average to have high blood pressure, as well as heart disease. One of the early signs of high blood pressure can be deduced to be stress. Relaxing and learning to control your stress is possible even if you have a stressful lifestyle or job. Thereby, preventing your blood pressure from rising.

Breathing Problems

If you find that you run out of breath easily or have any type of breathing problem, this could be a symptom of heart related disorder. Serious consequences of high blood pressure can be avoided if you catch the high blood pressure at an early stage. High blood pressure is one of the warning signs of heart disease which is the number one cause of death in the world today. In conclusion, high blood pressure is a common problem in the modern world, and there may or may not be symptoms associated with it, especially in the early stages. Regardless if you show signs or symptoms you should check your blood pressure on a regular basis, and it is more important for you to do so if you have a medical history of the disease or and of these risk factors. The above symptoms of high blood pressure are ones that may be present when you have this problem, but it’s always better to be safe and get regular checkups, whether you have symptoms or not.

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