While high blood pressure could can be cause for concern, keep in mind that there are many remedies and treatments available. Common treatment is often found in simple changes to your diet, or habits such as exercise or smoking. There are also some less known remedies that can help in this area. Below we have listed methods that are effective at reducing your high blood pressure.

One herbal treatment for high blood pressure is hawthorn. Hawthorn leaves, berries and flowers are all used in various herbal preparations and can be very beneficial for your heart as well as your blood pressure. Supplements and teas that are made from the berries of hawthorn have shown improvements in heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats. To lower or manage your blood pressure, you should ask your healthcare professional about the best form and dosage of hawthorn to take. Hawthorn is a very helpful herb, as it widens the arteries and improves blood flow from the heart, which can be useful in lowering blood pressure as well as preventing heart disease. Healthy fatty acids and Omega-3 are well known as ways to reduce your risk for heart disease as well as for lowering your blood pressure. This is why you should take fish, cranberry, olive, flax or coconut oils if you want to reduce your risk of high blood pressure. People who take fish oil supplements should make sure that the fish used in those supplements were from clean and healthy waters which is becoming harder and harder to do all the time. This is why people try to get their healthy fats from alternative sources but there are some healthy fish oils that are available as well. Eating enough healthy fats is a good and easy way to prevent high blood pressure levels and to control your cholesterol as well.

Many choose apple cider vinegar to treat their common ailments which also include high blood pressure. Many find the easiest way to take this is by mixing a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and mixing it with a teaspoon of raw honey. By having a tonic effect on the body, raw apple cider vinegar can help control blood pressure when take two to three times a day. There are many benefits to the added potassium that apple cider vinegar brings, such as balancing the sodium levels of your body. Of course, while a remedy like apple cider vinegar can be helpful in controlling high blood pressure, you also have to pay attention to your diet and daily habits as well. Your situation and the cause of your high blood pressure will be unique to you, as will be the remedy you choose for yourself. An example of this is a person who is very tense may find that in addition to their medication and remedies you will need to work on relaxing. The high blood pressure remedies we’ve been looking at may prove useful to you, so you may want to consider them. High blood pressure is a common modern ailment, but it’s something that can definitely be controlled.

Herbs for High Blood Pressure – Herbal Remedies that Work

Author: Tatyana Turner

Many people don’t trust drugs for high blood pressure; they prefer natural way of dealing with it. Luckily for you, several herbs are very effective to control this common condition. Discover how you can use herbs for high blood pressure to treat hypertension and to improve your health.

Herbs have always been used successfully to treat many conditions. And hypertension treatment is not an exception. Of course, herbs don’t give a dramatic effect like drugs, but their effect is more long term. Also herbs are safer and don’t produce dangerous side effects.

Herbs used to treat high blood pressure are:

– Ginkgo Biloba
– Garlic
– Hawthorn
– Arjuna
– Ashwagandha
– Valerian (to relive stress)
– Cinnamon
– Nutmeg
– Ginger
– Cardamom
– Guelder rose

Ginkgo Biloba gives very good results. It relaxes blood vessels and stimulates the circulatory system. It reduces bloods ability to clot which allows blood to flow more freely. Ginkgo Biloba is the most known herb for natural high blood pressure control. Surprisingly, garlic has similar effect. Studies prove that people who take garlic supplement show reduction in hypertension.

Hawthorn helps to dilate blood vessels and block Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) also called blood-restricting enzyme.

Other herbs often used for treating hypertension include passiflora incarnate which has a calming effect and also relaxes blood vessels, resulting in reduced blood pressure. Guelder rose bark also relaxes the entire cardiovascular system, lowering hypertension.

A complex view of natural treatments

If you are serious about controlling your blood pressure the natural way, using herbal remedies is only part of the solution. You will also have to take a look at your lifestyle and make changes if necessary.

For example, no matter how many herbal medicine you use, your pressure will be high if you smoke. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels. So your heart has to work twice as hard. Reducing smoking is a good start, but eventually aim at giving it up completely.

Another thing that affects blood pressure greatly is whether you lead active or sedately lifestyle. You will have to move around to straighten your heart. In addition to using herbal remedies, diet and exercise needs to be part of the solution.

Diet is also greatly important. You will have to eat less foods high is saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. Salt is a number one enemy of a person with hypertension. When cooking your meals try using spices and herbs instead of salt. This will work especially well since several spices like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger help to reduce blood pressure

It might be easier to take a pill once a day rather than work on treating your blood pressure naturally. But by using herbs for high blood pressure, exercising and eating right you will get long lasting results.

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Tanya Turner is a publisher of Lowing High Blood Pressure Guide where you can find information in plain English about herbs for high blood pressure and other natural ways to prevent and control hypertension

Ways to Identify Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

What are the hypertension symptoms that are the most common? This can be a tricky question to answer, as in many cases there are no early symptoms. This is why your doctors usually recommend that you check your blood pressure often, especially if you are older than forty. Unfortunately, sometimes high blood pressure does not come with warning signs or symptoms like the ones that will be talked about in this article. The method you use to treat your high blood pressure will be based upon not just the severity of your condition but the rest of your medical history as well.

It’s quite possible that you have something called prehypertension which, your doctor will tell you, doesn’t usually present any particular symptoms. This pretty much means that your blood pressure is just a little bit higher than it usually is but it isn’t high enough to be called hypertension. Nobody wants their doctor to tell them bad news but this isn’t bad, it’s good because a prehypertension diagnosis means that you still have time to treat your pressure levels before they get out of hand. A doctor might prescribe medication and lifestyle changes – there are also lots of natural remedies that can help you lower your blood pressure before you begin to show symptoms that are serious.

The consequences of untreated high blood pressure can be high and include kidney disease and diabetes. You are in fact more likely to develop these serious conditions if you wait until symptoms surface to check your blood pressure. Unfortunately then the first symptoms of your high blood pressure may also be symptoms of kidney disease or diabetes.

If you see blood in your urine or feel the frequent need to urinate you may have kidney problems. Sudden weight loss and being more thirsty than normal are both signs of diabetes. Be sure to have any of these symptoms checked out since they can be a sign of something serious regardless if it is high blood pressure or not.

If you don’t treat your raised blood pressure it could raise to extremely high blood pressure which is a condition called malignant hypertension. Regular high blood pressure doesn’t always come with recognizable symptoms but malignant hypertension can cause you to throw up, feel nauseated, get dizzy or even experience pain around your eyes. Losing consciousness is also a possibility in some cases. While malignant hypertension can come about suddenly, it’s more common in people who develop it gradually but failed to control their blood pressure when it was only slightly high. If you notice symptoms of malignant hypertension, seek help right away.

Life threatening health issues can result from high blood pressure that is ignored. Having your blood pressure checked is a good way to stay in control of your health, as it’s something that can be treated in many ways if you catch it early enough. Worldwide, high blood pressure is a leading cause of health problems, and knowing its symptoms helps lead to early detection.

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