Obesity and lack of exercise have become a way of life in the modern world, as well an ever increasing high blood pressure rate. Often, those with this serious health problem, find that the simplest and most effective course of treatment is lifestyle and diet changes. In this article, we’ll be discussing some helpful remedies that can lower your blood pressure.

One herbal remedy for high blood pressure is hawthorn. In addition to hawthorn berries, flowers and leaves all being used in herbal meds that are good for the heart, they also help to reduce a person’s blood pressure. Hawthorn berries are often used in a variety of supplements and teas and have been proven to show improvements in irregular heartbeats and heart palpitations. If you want to manage your blood pressure (or lower it) ask your doctor about the best kind and amount of hawthorn to take. Hawthorn is a very useful herb because it widens your arteries and improves the blood flow out of your heart and it can be quite useful in lowering a person’s blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

If you are interested in less mainstream ways of lowering your blood pressure, you may want to consider herbal medicine from India or China. High blood pressure can be treated using ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India. Trained artists in herbal medicine and acupuncture can also help you lower your blood pressure.

Acupuncture can be very relaxing, despite the fact that needles are being used (they are very small), and it can reduce your blood pressure. If you are considering using Indian or Chinese medicine, make sure that you look for a practitioner who is qualified. These are ancient traditions and can be very helpful treatments for high blood pressure.

When treating your high blood pressure as well as other ailments is apple cider vinegar. It is as simple as mixing a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of raw honey. When taken multiples times a day, apple cider vinegar has a tonic effect on the body and helps to control your blood pressure. The levels of sodium in your body will be balanced by the potassium that is introduced to your body through apple cider vinegar. To control your high blood pressure you will need to pay attention to your diet and daily habits as well as adding this remedy. To sum up, high blood pressure is potentially life threatening and it has a variety of causes. However, typically it is the result of personal choices and certain lifestyle habits which means that you can usually control it through natural remedies like being more active and taking certain kinds of supplements. This article has outlined some of the remedies you can use to treat your hypertension. In the long run, it is your choices that mostly affect your health and blood pressure levels.

Health Diets – The DASH Diet for Control of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Author: Candice McInnes

This diet was specifically developed to aid the individuals with high blood pressure, known as hypertension in the medical world. DASH – “Dietary approaches to stop hypertension” – has become very popular over the years in aiding individuals to control their blood pressure [which is one of the primary causes of heart disease] and has the honor of receiving recommendations from several health institutes.

A side effect of this diet is weight loss, this is due to the healthier eating patterns a person goes on in an attempt to control their blood pressure.

About DASH diet

The DASH diet aims at:

* Lowering the daily intake of sodium [salt]:
sodium increases blood pressure, so therefore by lowering their daily intake a person can control their hypertension. It is recommended that the sodium intake be lowered to below 3mg to 2mg per day, with lower than 2mg being the optimal amount.

* Avoiding processed foods:
these generally contain high sodium, preservatives and fat.
Processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state, this is generally for our convenience but some are changed for safety reasons – milk for example is processed because it is pasteurized to kill off bacteria.

There are several different ways to process food and some include canning, dehydration,and freezing. There are probably many more ways to process foods but I think you get the picture with the few examples I have given.

Processed foods are not as healthy as fresh food, below are a few examples of the foods to avoid:

1) Canned foods [most of these canned goods contain a lot of sodium]
2) White breads [made with refined flour]rather eat bread made with whole grain flour.
3) Pasta [see above]
4) Snack foods such as chips and some cheeses.
5) Frozen dinners.
6) Frozen fish/chicken sticks.
7) Packaged cakes and cake mixes.
8) Pre baked and packed cookies.
9) Meal mixes[boxed].
10) Processed meats like ham or hot dogs etc.
11) Certain breakfast cereals – especially those loaded with sugar.

* Avoiding some foods:
Foods that are high in fat and cholesterol, which include red meat, sweets and some dairy products, should be avoided as much as possible.

DASH Diet benefits:

1) A drop in blood pressure [systolic and diastolic] – thus preventing heart disease.
2) Weight loss – an added benefit of the DASH diet.
3) Increased energy – due to the healthy diet a person is on to lower their blood pressure.

There have been studies conducted on this diet and the results are available for perusal on the NIH website.

Several Signs of High Blood Pressure You Need to Keep An Eye Out For

Risk factors and symptoms for high blood pressure should be common knowledge for everyone, since many people have this problem and are unaware of it. Whether you have any symptoms or not, it’s a good idea to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis. Unfortunately, even though it is a simple check, many wait until they have a serious problem. Below we have listed some common signs of high blood pressure and if you have hypertension you may or may not experience them.

When you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, it’s important to keep monitoring it, even if you are receiving medication for it and aren’t experiencing and particular symptoms. Blood pressure can absolutely be controlled–medications, lifestyle changes and natural remedies have all been used–and it takes some time to find the best course of action for you. Therefore, once you know you have hypertension, it’s especially important to have your blood pressure checked frequently to verify if the steps you are taking are effective. People on medication, for example, sometimes have to go through a variety of doses and pharmaceuticals before they find the right cocktail that helps them lower their blood pressure.

Kidney disease and diabetes are another serious consequence of untreated high blood pressure. You are in fact more likely to develop these serious conditions if you wait until symptoms surface to check your blood pressure. It is possible that your first hypertension symptoms are in fact signs of kidney disease or diabetes.

If you see blood in your urine or feel the frequent need to urinate you may have kidney problems. Sudden weight loss and being more thirsty than normal are both signs of diabetes. These are all serious symptoms and should be checked out regardless if they are related to high blood pressure.

Heart attack or a variety of heart related ailments are the most serious problems that high blood pressure can lead to. Immediate medical attention is required if you have shortness of breath or chest pains which are both symptoms of heart problems.

Disorders related to the heart often show themselves through breathing problems. Catching high blood pressure in its early stages is vital, since serious consequences can then be avoided. High blood pressure is one of the warning signs of heart disease which is the number one cause of death in the world today.

When you suffer from high blood pressure there may be apparent symptoms, especially if your condition has gotten to a super high level. You will be in a much better position to keep your blood pressure under control if you figure out you have it before you reach life threatening pressures. If any of these signs or symptoms begin to appear, you may need medication but, more likely, your doctor will teach you how to control your condition with natural methods. What is most important is that you take this problem seriously and that you make all of the changes you need to make to keep it under control.

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