Though having high blood pressure does give you cause for concern, you should also know that there are multiple options available for treating it. Often people can treat their high blood pressure by improving your diet or exercise habits, or simply quitting smoking. For those who need other remedies there are plenty of less known for help in this area. The following methods are useful in helping to reduce your high blood pressure.

One herbal remedy for high blood pressure is hawthorn. The leaves, berries and flowers of hawthorn are all used in herbal preparations, and have a beneficial effect on the heart as well as helping to lower blood pressure. Supplements and teas that are made from the berries of hawthorn have shown improvements in heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats. To lower or manage your blood pressure, you should ask your healthcare professional about the best form and dosage of hawthorn to take. Hawthorn is a fantastic herb because, not only can it lower your blood pressure, it can widen your arteries and improve your blood flow as well as helping lower your risk of heart disease.

Herbal medicine (like that which is found in China and India) is a good alternative for people who are interested in pursuing less mainstream ways of lowering their blood pressures. High blood pressure can be treated using ayurvedic medicine, which comes from India. You can also lower your blood pressure by using acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine (which should always be done by someone with training).

Acupuncture can also help you relax, even though needles are used, and it can help you lower your blood pressure. If you’re thinking about making use of Chinese and/or Indian medicine then be sure to find a qualified doctor in your area who can help you. This type of treatment originated long ago and is very useful as a high blood pressure remedy.

If the level of your blood pressure is too high or if it is the result of another kind of medical condition then you might need your doctor to prescribe some medication to help you. Usually you can lower your blood pressure with natural treatments, but sometimes, when it is at dangerous levels, it needs to be treated quickly. Pregnancy is another reason to seek medical attention if your blood pressure gets too high or spikes quickly. Blood pressure medicine can lower your pressure back down to a manageable level which will help you treat it naturally over time to make sure you don’t risk your health again.

It is possible to control your high blood pressure with any of these remedies we have discussed, as well as with the many other treatments available. Often a person has developed high blood pressure through unhealthy habits or lifestyle choices, therefore it will require regular attention to treat it. Yet, it’s not that hard to retrain your mind and body to live a healthier lifestyle, and then you can look forward to a lower blood pressure reading the next time you visit the doctor.

Do You Know The Causes Of High Blood Pressure?

By Ashish Jain

Even the blood pressure of a normal person will increase, when he gets to know that high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart attack and stroke in USA. Hence it is not surprising for why it is labeled as the ‘silent killer’!

But, what are the causes that the related statistics as for the number of patients is growing so fast? Let’s try to find a probable reason here.

First things first, there are two types of high blood pressures– Primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Of the two, the former accounts for 95% of the cases. The causes of primary hypertension are many. When it is from a specific abnormality in one of the organs, it is known as secondary hypertension.

Primary hypertension has a vast membership. It has within its fold about 75 million Americans. But the diagnosis of this type of hypertension is not always easy. The type of attack varies from individual to individual. However, some common factors can be elucidated.

The main culprit found till date for high blood pressure is salt. So you should immediately cut extra iodine and salt intake as soon as you find that you are hypertensive.

Genetic factors are also playing a foul role for the serious types of ailments and primary hypertension. But the exact genes that have to take the blame are yet to be identified. The present research is on the renin-angiotension-aldosterone system. It is the system that helps to regulate blood pressure, controls salt balances as well as the elasticity of the arteries.

Now, let’s analyze threadbare how some of the causes of primary hypertension play their dubious role. The noticeable abnormality is that you have an increased resistance in the arteries; they are not as elastic, especially the small arteries that are at a distance from the heart. Obese people are haunted by this problem. Those eating too much salt, not doing any physical exercises and also the aging people are likely to own this sort of hypertension. The sodium in the salt is absolutely brutal on the high blood pressure patients.

Review your life styles and diet habits. You will be surprised yourself about the deficiencies that you have been putting on with, so far in your life. You have the high blood pressure. It’s the wake up call. Your arteries have become clogged. Even the County gutters are cleaned periodically, so that they don’t get chocked. You own the God-given divine instrument- your body! Reschedule your day’s routine and allocate time for walking and exercises. If you don’t do that, you may anyhow have to do walking exercises to your physician’s chamber!

Prevention is always better than cure! You need to say that to at least 75 million times to cure the BP patients!


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What are Some Indications of High Blood Pressure Levels You Need to Know?

It’s important to have your blood pressure checked regularly, since the symptoms are not always recognizable. Untreated hypertension can often lead to more serious problems, an unfortunately most cases are not caught until it is at dangerous levels. However, sometimes high blood pressure does have symptoms you can recognize, and we’ll be discussing some of these in this article.

Getting frequent headaches is a symptom that has long been associated with high blood pressure, but in many cases there is no connection between hypertension and headaches. People with extremely high blood pressure are likely to have headaches that are accompanied by blurred vision, but this is when the problem has reached a dangerous point and there is damage to the eyes. The fact is that hypertension does not cause more headaches than normal. On average though, it is less likely for someone with hypertension to suffer from headaches. If you have frequent headaches, you should definitely see your doctor, however it is not a safe assumption that no headaches means your high blood pressure is fine. Nausea and vomiting can also be a symptom of high blood pressure. These symptoms can, of course, be caused by lots of other problems as well, so they must be checked by a doctor. In the off chance that you are experiencing these symptoms, you will need to seek immediate medical attention. If your blood pressure is just slightly above normal, while still serious, the chance that you will experience these symptoms are slim. Once symptoms begin to appear, most research has shown that high blood pressure has actually become dangerously high.

If high blood pressure doesn’t get treated, it can turn into malignant hypertension, or ‘extremely high blood pressure’. Slightly elevated blood pressure doesn’t always have noticeable symptoms but the symptoms of malignant hypertension can be incredibly extreme like dizziness, nausea, vomiting and eye pain. Sometimes you might even pass out. While malignant hypertension can come about suddenly, it’s more common in people who develop it gradually but failed to control their blood pressure when it was only slightly high. If you start to display symptoms of malignant hypertension go to the doctor immediately. High blood pressure presents in many ways but most people don’t know they have it until they get checked up for something else. Lots of pharmacies have machines that will let you check your blood pressure but to be sure your reading is accurate you will need to check it several times. If you are noticing any of the symptoms discussed in this article or if you know of other risk factors that make you prone to this disease you should make sure to visit your doctor and get your blood pressure checked regularly.

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